Project description

The main goal of the BCA_grape project is to develop prototypes of new commercial Biological Control Agents (BCAs) against Erysiphe necator, the fungus causing the powdery mildew of grapevine.

The interest of the participating SMEs rises from the fact that this disease matches with their strategic need to increase the offer for crops and diseases not targeted by their currently available products: grapevine is a very interesting potential market; a large amount of fungicides is used to control powdery mildews; E. necator is a key pathogen in traditional, integrated and organic viticulture; the sole BCA currently available on the EU market is not effective enough. So far no reliable solutions exist for the non-chemical control of E. necator. The 6 partners (4 SMEs and 2 RTD performers) are settled in four EU countries; other countries and end-users are involved in some project activities.


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